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so much for getting started, eh?

Well what can I say?
I still have the same problem that I just don't know what I can write about <_<'
Though I DID get started a little at least ^^ I started exploring over the last year! I finally started to check out the communites and now I at least have an idea how LJ works xD
And even though I'm impressed and what nice jounals are around I lack the idea on what I can do with mine... I didn't think of myself as THAT shy... yet...
But maybe I actually am? (Any AF members who know me will burst out laughing when they read this I bet! Please comment about it when you ever find this post :D)
soooo, well it's been last October when I finally had my first post here, which is 8 months go!?
I can't believe how time flies... What did I do in that time?
Certainly I watched my Anime and read my Manga (lol)
and when I had the time I went to university, too... no wait it was the other way round, I guess.
(btw. I can't help myself but I have the non-stopping urge to use AF smilies here all the time, so if I one day forget to erase them again while writing please don't wonder what these are :aty::sob::spin:)
This post must be boring for anyone who reads! Why are you even still reading?
You're nice people to make it to this point though :D

Well I'll try to come up with something... maybe...
and if not I'll simply post meaningless stuff like I did just now :D

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