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a short introduction maybe? How lame can I be!

Well there's nothing much to say here...

but since I registered like 4 years ago and never posted anything I thought I should finally get started or something...
I always managed to postpone my explorations here because somehow LJ seems too big for me and there is soooo much to do and see that I fled to the next edge and waited out like a scared kitten ^^

I'm still not too sure if I will be very active in the future.
True things said I came here because many scanlation groups have their "base" here ^^
But still I prefer to hold manga in my hands so I always buy the series I like which are released in my home country (and that's a lot) as long as my money allows it :)

still I hope to find some nice friends here, too :)
so if you are anyhow interested in me don't hesitate and write me

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